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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

first impression is always important. you wouldn't want to wake up looking like a ghost to meet someone new or attend an interview underdressed and not looking your best would you?

i'm not beauty or make up expert but i'm just here to share on my daily essentials and what's in my make up bag. hehe~~~

for daily look, i usually go for something more natural. that explains the products that i'm using. and oh, i have sensitive skin, therefore there are certain items and brand that i may not be able to use sometimes :( boohooo...

i've tried using foundation previously but i don't like the thick make up effect although it does cover up my flaws. so i usually use BB or CC cream which is much lighter.

on the face :
- Chanel CC Cream Pink Beige
- Mac Mineral Concealer
- Laurier Mercier Eye Concealer
- CC Powder
- Marc Jacob's Blush (Irresistible)

as i have quite chubby cheeks, i opt for shadow bronzing on my sides with an angled brush as well as highlights for my flat nose.

for shading & highlights
- Sephora Bronzing Powder
- Benefit High Beam

finally, my eyes. i have naturally big eyes but they always looked sleepy which is why i always have to at least put on eyeliner or mascara.  but to make it sparkle a lil more, i opt to natural shades or rosepink and brown shadows. as for my eye brows, i'm using shades from my Naked Basics Palette.

on the eye brows
- Naked Basics

on the eyes
- Naked 3 (Rose Pink & Shades of Brown)
- Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner
- Dolly Wink Mascara

i'm not really a fan of lip colours, so i'll usually skip that step.

or you could always opt for an even more basic look without the foundation (at least with sun block), draw your brows and perhaps eye liner. simple make up does help boost a lil confidence, so give it a try and perhaps with a lil make up on, u might get a little lucky!


Monday, December 15, 2014

it takes two hearts to beat, two souls to go on a journey, two hands to cling on to each other, and two knots to tie each other. it took us to a whole new adventure.

it all started with a right swipe. yes, with the utmost unexpected way. that was how we both got to know each other. ironic as it seems, for me a person who is seen as a sociable girl ends up being at a place where i dimmed hopeless to meet my other half. a place where i actually met him.

i guess sometimes there are certain things that happens that are un-explainable. and it all happens for a reason.

we didn't talk much at the earlier stages. just random talks once a week or once every two weeks.with me making the first move saying "hi". at that point of time, sounded like some weirdo desperate eh? but seriously at that point of time, i was just being friends, nothing special. 

until one fine day, i decided to ask a random question regarding a trip down south that i was heading to as well. it was then he mentioned that he had a performance and i was gonna go to that mall that night. so it was sort of a perfect timing i guess. 

at first meet, his smile melted me. somehow. just melted my heart. he was so kan cheong he made quite a number of blunders that made me smile deep down. yes, he definitely is a shy guy (or perhaps he was just acting it out.. nah!). at the same time, i unexpectedly blushed like nobody's business (thank god he didn't notice or point it out that time wtf!) and we just clicked. i stood at the darkest corner thinking no one would really notice me while he performed on stage. and he was very different there and then. as he strum on his strings, i was blown away. unexpectedly we took our very first selfie that night itself and i had to leave for my practice. (i was pretty nervous at that point of time. yikes.)

things didn't just end like that. there were more texts the next day. even when i was in singapore, it didn't just end there. with text and selfie exchanging. things just blossomed while the magic happens. and i even caught the chance to watch another performance.

the very next day when we both are back in town, it was the first time we actually sat down for dinner together and got to know each other better at dins. he gave me a small surprise. enough to make me smile. and then i somehow agreed to watching Oujia with him. (imma scardey cat who hates horror/ghost movies) which he ended up in laughter through the movie while i embarrassed myself with idiotic screams. and oh that night, i had nightmares i just had to bug him and not let him sleep. heh.

dates after dates, movies after movies. it didn't take us long and we probably realize that it was mutual understanding that we were already together but yet i had to make him ask. and yes, the way he asked made me melt. the shyness in him. blew me away.

as far as i can recall, as far as it goes through my mind, no games or tricks were needed. no sweet talks. it all happened as naturally as possible.

there were occasions when he almost blew it and there were days that i gave him bad roller coaster rides. i'm glad we pulled through everything together. with a some thunderstorm days and sunshine, we're now enjoying the rainbow together.

our time spent together is very simple. with lots of coffee, talks and cuddles. lots of random laughter but a whole lot of happiness. him being addicted to my hobby and me enjoying watching him do his.

my baby boy, we haven't have known each other for long but being with u made me felt like i've known u all my life. i look forward to more of us, a lifetime of the both of us. thank you for coming in to my life. with a whole lot of sampatness, today marks the 38th day we're together. i love u teddy~

Friday, December 12, 2014

so i was watching this video by Jinnyboy earlier today. and here's my verdict on relationship and mind games.

it's a fact that these days, many of us tend to play mind games before getting into an official relationship. it all begins by adding each other on social media after meeting for the first time. perhaps not even meeting at all by using dating apps such as Tinder / Paktor and so on. u wait for a couple of days, mayb months before you approve their Facebook request or say your first "Hi". while the other person takes a couple of hours before replying u. and it goes on and on...

u don't reply a long sentence coz u think it may sound desperate. or you opt to wait for the other person to start the conversation.

for goodness sake, if you're already on social dating apps, are u even that shy or embarrassed in the first place to make the first move?

u probably might not get it that there are shy guys as well. girls, why can't u make the first move? no one is gonna call u a slut if u act first. there's no harm in dropping a hint in letting the other person know that u are interested. drop your first "Hi" to start the conversation, find mutual topics, send a random funny image, anything u can think of!

not every person can cope with hard-to-get and mind games. plus i don't really see the value in playing the hard-to-get game. even if u tell me "easy come, easy go". i don't see it that way at least. does that mean that the more effort and time he put in getting u, the more value u're worth? is this how a relationship is weight and valued? ask yourself!

imagine that the other person does not understand your mind games, u might just slip that chance of being with him/her. right?

come to think of it, when i first got to know my baby boy, we didn't talk much. and i would start a random conversation with him every time. sounds desperate? heh. it was very much a random thing back then until we met up and the conversations never ended.

i'd say i have no regrets on making those moves. no regrets on dropping hints and no regrets on texting first. heh~

it takes two hands to clap in a relationship. and there's no harm in showing ur love and affection to your other half. so stop playing games.because games like these kills the relationship.

if u're unhappy, speak up. don't give him/her the silent treatment. he/she may not get it. either way, one will feel helpless and lost. and this will bring the relationship to no where. if you love him/her, treat him/her the way u want to be treated as well. love with respect and love with all ur heart because every relationship is a risk and it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice without expecting anything in return. :)

that's all for today. toodles~~~ till my next post. teehee.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

had to be the specky girl coz my contact lens died from the rain during the marathon n i forgotten to bring a spare pair along. boohooo :(

left for Hello Kitty Town from Singapore after checking out from hotel. but grabbed some noms at Puteri Harbour before we headed in to the "town".

arrived before lunch time and found the stage that Flying Pan was gonna perform at. how could i resist not to camwhore with this cutie! hehe~ and then headed for lunch!

to my surprise, this town is actually more of a one level of Hello Kitty cuteness. pretty small place and it's basically meant for the kids rather than adults.

the only activity that is suitable for adults is probably camwhoring with the pretty place.

being an annoying adult who loves kitty, i decided to do all of the activities and also take photos with the characters! teeheee... so much fun! but the wait for each activity was pretty long so we kinda wasted our time there.

time for some photo spamming!

the truth is me being a big kid at heart, i did have some fun although this place wasn't how i expected it to be like hahaha~

and oh how could i miss out Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel.

after all the activities and photo taking, we waited for awhile more before Flying Pan went on stage. watched them perform their usual set (well this time with a change of ending song) and then headed towards JPO for some shopping before heading back to KL.

that was pretty much my day.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

sorry for the backlog post! i know i've not been updating frequently enough! please forgive me.

so anyway earlier last month i've headed down to singapore for Hello Kitty run. i'd say it was massive. there were thousands and thousands of us doing the run.

upon arrival, i got in touch with Jyuri first to get my race pack from her and then got myself changed for the run. guess there were just too many of us, it ended up being a standstill and walkaton instead. mehhhhh....

i was in the third batch before the flag off release. and they sky was already pretty dark by that time. unfortunately for us, we had to finish our 3.5km (instead of promised 5km) through the rain. we didn't see a point in stopping just to shelter ourselves since we were already all drenched.

i'd say the whole arrangement was badly organized. i didn't even bother staying back for the events or for pictures.

finished up the run and collected our medals before heading back to Harbour City / Vivo. got ourselves freshen up and changed before dropping Jyuri off for work and then headed off to check-in at our hotel.

after putting our bags down and taking a quick nap, we headed off to Orchard to meet up with my sweetie pie Yukiko for dins and then quick shopping before we got ourselves some tea.

shopping was fun coz i managed to get most of the stationaries that i wanted. tho i kinda regret not getting that pretty lilac planner ><" perhaps next time.

that was hella of a day at Singapore.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

*this post is non-halal. sorry if you are a malay reader. :)

personally, i've not tried Boat Noodles / Big Spoon or anything similar like that. i did drop by Boat Noodles once but the queue was so long i gave up.

most of these serve beef and chickens. so i didn't really bother trying coz i can't take beef and i'm not really a fan of chicken to be exact.

and then i heard of a new outlet that goes by the name of The Porki Society. and the name itself explains that the food served is pork based! so much yums!!! so much oinks!

from the exterior it looked like some cafe-ish kinda feel with it's black and white signage. and when you step in, it is a different kinda old-school colourful playground. everything in side was very vintage-ish and colourful.

from tables and chairs to bowls and cups used to serve customers. which is pretty cute in a way. and their wooden chopsticks are pretty fat and big compared to the normal ones that you'll use.

food is pretty good. i personally like the soup based noodles but the dry ones are as yummy actually. oh and that chili sauce that you see in the picture above, it's really super awesome!

we also tried a few porki dishes cooked in different ways - minced, steamed, grilled... i'd personally recommend the steam minced pork at the top of picture above. super yums! but it really is a personal taste and recommendation, so go ahead and try the others as well.

i had 5 bowls in total being a small eater myself coz there were too many side dishes to accompany the noodles. plus it was pretty late at night when i was there. heh. so try it out and feedback to me on your thoughts as well!

The Porki Society
10, Jalan 21/19,
Seksyen 21,
Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

waking up to a brand new day knowing that from the decision made and posting of my latest update yesterday would have upset and shocked many. i'm pretty sure that there are many that would have started judging me with their very colourful eyes. words like childish, selfish, bitchy, show off, disrespectful would come easily.

humans are naturally selfish. especially when it comes to emotional feeling. who would want to be hurt? who would want to experience heart pain? neither one of us want to. but there will be times when certain decisions have to be made. to stay put or to move on.

who would have guessed things like this would happen so easily. even i myself did not prepare myself for any of these.

at least im here to face and bear the consequences of my decision. rather than hiding in the dark.

for those who have known me and understood me would know that i am someone who have always been worried and upset whenever being judged. i could have managed the settings, and hid them away from some of you but i chose not to. so, it is quite a huge decision for me to do something like this and . but heck, this is part of life.

i guess people grow up and change. so did i.

there isn't need for explanation on the decisions that i've made, on whatever that had happened because no one else would know what exactly had happened and understand besides us. whatever had happened was a beautiful memory which i will always keep with me with no regrets.

for whoever that feels sick and disgusted looking at my photos or updates, feel free to remove me from your friend list if it makes u happy.

at the end of the day, i've chosen to go on this brand new adventure and there wont be any regrets.

so go ahead, judge me. i will take them in as a learning to strengthen myself even better.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

it was the event of the year that i've been anticipating and training hard for. this year, the number of players doubled up, which means even tougher fights for me and everyone else who played last year.

i woke up really early before my alarm rang on the first day being really excited! i guess i was a lil too excited. but hey, the excitement works! meeting old friends and getting to know new ones as well.

got to the venue, registered and got my rating checked. the usual routine. before warming up and saying all the HELLOs!

on the first day, i played the Dynamic Duos and managed to clinch top 32 out of 64 players qualifying before being knocked off by 2 awesome ladies from Mffy Singapore. if only the both of us played a lil better, we prolly get into top 16. but hey, we did our bests. plus if i compare to last year, i was at the bottom of the round robin chart and i didn't qualify. although i did bag Joint 3rd in Random Hook Up last year.

and i'm really proud of my awesome teammates, Cecile & Cody for coming in at Top 8!

as for the evening game of Random Hook Up, i have to admit i played really badly which i am very guilty towards my partner. but i'm really proud of my awesome baby girl, Sabby for being the champion! woohooo!

well, sadly i think the official photogs didn't like me coz out of so many photos i didn't manage to find any of me during my games :( boohooo but hey at least i had my lil fan who came support and accompany me the whole day plus helping me snap a couple or photos, thanks SammyMi!

on the 2nd day, i didn't play as well but hey at least we still tried and had lots of fun with the team! i didn't stay till the end of all the games as i was too exhausted. plus i was a lil disappointed in myself. so i wanted to hibernate n hide at home lol! but when i heard about all the excitement towards the end of the night, i kinda regretted not staying back! darn...

overall i had lots of fun, i'm sure everyone else there felt the same way too! and i will definitely look forward to even tougher competition next year!

i'd really like to thank my partner, CK for the awesome partnership and games, my teammates TrebleMaker, my sponsor Fit Flight, the team from IDM for the hard work, SammyMi for coming to support, of course baby boy Justin, Selina & Mei Xin for coming by too!

till then, we shall meet again in upcoming games. i shall train hard and buck up!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

it is the time that i've been waiting all year long
it is the season that i love most
it is the festive that i'd want to be with that special person

it doesn't really matter what we'll do
it doesn't really matter what gifts or if there will be any
what really matter is the time that i'm gonna spend with u

tis the season to be jolly and merry
the season of love for family
the season of love for the loved one

for christmas is the most meaningful day to me
it is the most beautiful celebration to me
and the most romantic of all for me

for if i've said i wanted to be with u on this day
u should know how much u mean to me
for if u've decided not to be with me on this day
i will understand that i may not mean anything to u

for all that i want for christmas
u will have to find out
for who i want to be with on christmas
for u should feel it within u

Monday, November 24, 2014

a wandering wanderlust
with her mind wandering into space
a space of empty thoughts

probably there was too much on her mind
probably she wanted to take things off her mind
probably she didn't know what to do with her mind

let her wander
let her fall
for that she will find her ways
ways to stand up once again

for she is no one
for she wants to be no where
for she has lost her mind

far far away
on a wanderlust journey
let her be


Thursday, November 20, 2014

so we had to queue to have tea at Hello Kitty Cafe Bangkok. and having two cray girls who loves Hello Kitty, the boys had to come along with no rants. pity them lols!

an of course as expected the place would be in all pink and dreamy, very very very girly. actually a little too girly i was gonna puke pink vomit. but i still liked it there. simply because it is cozy and not over packed. you've got to wait for 1 group to leave before u can enter. which is actually quite good. not too noisy, not too packed. just perfect.

plus u get a designated table so you don't have to "chup" tables.

there were so many pretty cakes to choose but we were pretty full so we only ordered 3 different types of cakes and 4 drinks. everything is so pretty and dreamy i just couldn't put myself together to eat them! but we still end up gobbling down everything since we already paid for them. lol!!!

and how could i resist not posing for a cup of tea with kitty at such a beautiful place. if only i could paint my room like this and have pink sofas!

and after that we headed back to Siam Paragon for some Laduree! just couldn't resist not trying them out since i'm already in Bangkok and they have it here.
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