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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

disclaimer: this is not a complaint rage post. neither it is a post for credit claiming.

when you love someone, you will come to realize that little sacrifices don't matter to you. you are willing to do so because what matters most is him or her, his or her well-being. what matters most is no longer YOU.

i decided to give up my weekend of fun and be there by his side last weekend. which he said "sien hor, your weekend gone just like this." truth on what ran through my mind? "i won't even have fun knowing that you're so sick. i rather be here with u."

i haven't been sleeping much for the past few days as my baby teddy fell ill and i was really worried and overly paranoid that it's dengue but he insisted that the fever is caused by the ulcer at his throat.

and so for the past 3 nights i've been monitoring his fever timing and i would just wake up naturally whenever i feel movement to check on him. making sure he gets his food, lots of water intake and medication before the 4th hour to break his fever away.

i'll be ur lil doc, nurse and medicine till you're ok! get well soon my baby teddy! 
and i really don't mind sacrificing fun time to be by ur side!

Friday, February 27, 2015

relationships have many stages and it all begins with the honeymoon. the honeymoon stage duration varies from couple to couple. keeping the relationship happy and going takes effort else one would eventually tired off and the relationship would die off sooner or later.

so what does it take to keep the spark in a relationship going? what does it take to maintain the relationship even after the honeymoon period is over? or what does it take to keep the relationship in the honeymoon period for as long as you can?

sometimes it doesn't have to be lavish luxury gifts. it doesn't mean expensive fine dine dinners. but the time spent together, the deep conversations, the little things and efforts made that would put a smile on your other half's face. little unexpected surprises for one and another. and the appreciation of these little efforts made. the appreciation of being together with one and another.

one general rule to remember is to never take each other for granted even if you're both comfortable being together. because it takes two hands to clap, two hearts to keep the beat, and two souls to keep it going.

sometimes all it takes is a very simple "i love you", "i miss you" or warm snuggle time on a long day. sometimes all it takes are simple gestures that would simply secure and put a smile on each other's face.

thank you baby teddy for accompanying me last night although you're sick. for feeling cold under the aircond while watching me compete and cheering for my team. for making sure i don't drive alone at night for my safety. i love u baby teddy!~ 4 months in a week's time and more days, months and even years to come!
Bass - Er Whey | Rhythm Guitar - Justin | Drums - Kimie
Vocal - Selina | Guitar - Syahir 

the very first time i watched Fly1ng Pan perform was on 30th of October 2014 for Dragon Red's new single Music Video launch at Laundry Bar. once again, they were back in Laundry but this time for Rock is Dead series.

the show started at 9.30 *as always malaysian timing will start half an hour late* and they were up first. performing the opening act, the 5 of them rocked their staged for 30 minutes performing to their J-Rock hits from Hypocrisy to Betrayal.

and then hitting into their soothing emo ballad - Zutto, to take a soft break from all the rock! this song that caught my mind since their first performance which i'd randomly hum to~~~

after that, they hyped up the crowd again with a cover of Evernasance's Bring Me to Life and ended their performance with Breakaway Carriage featuring guest vocalist Land Slyde of Dragon Red.

i have to admit that one person got my attention the whole night, hence he definitely have more photos than anyone else. well, basically he didn't have to get my attention anymore anyway. teehee~~~

if you're into J Rock or Japanese music in general, check them out @ Flying Pan!
for more pictures, head on to Rock Is Dead Album

Thursday, February 26, 2015

on the last day, i headed out for lunchie and Yoshinoya and finally managed to buy 3 pairs of Converse at a really good price before heading to the bust terminal coz Sab extended her stay.

first time taking the bus to the airport so i got off at the wrong terminal and had to walk back with my luggage. and after i was done, had lots of time to kill at the airport so i explored it with my super heavy luggage.

and then when i was tired, i got myself a drink and sat at the side while waiting for boarding. and then it was time to go home and back to work~

on day three we headed out on the double decker bus towards times square / sogo in town for more shopping. the ride was about 45 minutes long so we got to enjoy the view from upstairs.

passed by their container area whereby most hongkong tvb dramas or movies are filmed at. so now we know where they film all their fighting scenes hahaha!

had lunch at 7-11 which is very convenient and awesomely yummy! had char siew bao as well as curry fishballs! yummehhhhh!!! but the best part is they serve more than those that i've ordered like noodles and much more! and noodles are freshly cooked! how i wish we have these here!

did our window shopping *didn't managed to buy much coz everything so expensive and most of the converse shops were closed* and then we had yummy portugese egg tarts! walking pass the bakery itself caught our noses and they were hot and simply irresistible! we had one each coz it was soon for dinner time and we had to rush home for a 5 star chef dins. i shall let you drool to the pictures below!


and then after dinner, we headed out to AT bar for a quick dart and drinking session!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

after a long day at Disneyland, we headed back to town into Mongkok for my stinky tofu.

but first up we dropped by J Darts which was right out of the exit of Mongkok station. finally here for my first time!

and then for stinky tofu! but we had no idea where exactly was the famous stall located at. back then all we had to do was use our nose to smell our way through but the smell was no longer as strong as before. so we did what most tourist would do, ask the policemen stationed there.

and he went "u sure u wanna go to this stall? it's at Prince Edward not here, 4 roads away!" but he still showed me the way on his iphone 6 lols!~

so we hunted and finally found the place! but it wasn't stinky anymore. guess it's due to complains by other tourists or locals. om nom nom nomsss.

after noming we headed over to Fa Yuen Street which is also known as Bo Hai Kai (Sneakers Street) to hunt for my pair of Converse while Sab hunted for New Balance and Adidas Originals. the price of these sneakers are about 30% till 50% cheaper than in Malaysia and they have designs that you can't find here too! but we didn't manage to get the ones that we wanted to we continued walking around.

until we bumped across Langham Mall. hehe finally got to buy my Jill Stuart cosmetics! too pretty i almost wanted to buy everything displayed there!

before we ended our night, Hui Lau Shan for supper and then taking the light rail train back to yuen long before taking the mini bus back home!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

here comes the final part of Disneyland!~ the parade. under the shinning bright hot sun which lasted for about half an hour~

eeyore is definitely on my spotlight! while featuring Disney Princesses, female Buzz Lightyears and Lilo!

after the parade, we went for another round and sabby took the crazy rides all over again! while i waited. and then more wefies with ear muffs and before leaving Disneyland! didn't stay for the night parade and fireworks coz the castle wouldn't look pretty and i wanted to grab my stinky tofu at wongkok which closes at 9pm~

last pic before heading off! toodles Disneyland, i will be back!

next episode, wongkok and my stinky tofu experience!

Monday, February 23, 2015

wanted to take pictures with Mickey and the rest but Fantasy Garden was packed and the queue was long so we didn't want to waste too much time.

it's a small world after all. we wanted to take the boat ride but the queue was madness, so we had to give up and not waste time here.

had ice cream to fill up our hungry tummies first before heading off to the next land land for the final crazy ride and then lunch.

so we went for an indoor roller coaster ride at Tomorrow Land. i took this back then in 2007 and closed my eyes through the ride. guess this time i improved coz i opened my eyes through the whole ride although i still screamed coz the ride was really fast with a lot of jam breaks and sharp turns.

and then more selfie time before noms for lunch. teehee~~~

after lunch we headed back to USA Street to find a spot before the parade but it was pretty packed already :( boohoo

up next, the parade!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

next stop was Toystory Land. from afar it definitely looked like a kiddy place but heck noh!!! selfie first before we headed on to queue.

first up, we queue for the army parachute game. although i have not much fear of heights, i have fear of falling off from a high place even if i know i'm really safe in my seat, i just had to let go of my fear and scream like a mad woman. gosh! pretty embarrassing i'd say.

and then the things i do for my bestie. to ride the ride that i fear most! the hot wheels. i'm pretty sure the little girl sitting next to me was traumatized by my high pitched screams! hahahaha. once and that is all i'm riding this!

had to calm myself down by looking at cute things in Andy's Toy Box and then to the next land, the Fairytale Land for my fantasy dreams.

buy all the Duffy and Sheliemay!!!! they are definitely too cute to resist. wanted to bring all of them home!!!

strolling through Fairytale land is the the best place for me. too pretty, too dreamy! plus, my all time favourite ride the Carousel is here!

next stop, to the Land of Small World and then my next scary ride!
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